Lay me down….

You want to feel him around you…you want to know him and you want to know that he knows you…..You dream all night of him covering you in his arms but then..reality hits you….the sun hits you in your face…and its morning again…that is one of the moments where you realize that the dark is not so bad after all…..sometimes all your dreams,fantasies and aspirations come true in the dark…..people who love you and leave you come alive in the dark..all the bitter truths turn to sweet lies in the dark…all the distances cut down in the dark….all the hatred turns to love in the dark……Everything changes in the dark,what doesnt change is you and him…your love…it stays the same in both the worlds…do you know what that means??

That means your love is perfect and that is why you dont need to escape to the dark to make it better…..That means YOU are perfect and flawless just the way you are that is why your entire world changes in the dark but you stay the same………


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