Stress management…..”DUH”?!?!?!

SERIOUSLY????……that is one of the slangs we use when we hear ’bout STRESS , Well that is what I would  say  because I know it never  works.People take classes and sessions  with a councillor for it and that is exactly where they go wrong , in my opinion they or rather we do not need ‘COUNCILLERS’ for it all we need is somebody we can trust ,And I know after reading the previous line most of you might wanna stop reading but the truth is that’s what actually is the best thing to do.I tried and it was amazing .Being one of those people of  the crowd who believed that it is stupid to talk to your sisters or brothers about anything that happens at school or college.After trying it I have stopped being part of the crowd because even though I have a 9 year age difference with my sister it just seemed as if we were BFF and when you don’t have formalities between siblings the relation just keeps strengthening and you just love everything around you.


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