Finding words from the dictionary is not FUN, but making up words is. The very title of this text is a made up of 2 words. And believe me you don’t need to be somebody with a brain and even if you are,then you don’t need to use it.Just write down 2 words at a distance (according to your convenience) and just fuse them with each other ,like say,great +awesome=GRAWESOME and if you are a beginner then just try and understand the basic concepts of slang like, do+not=don’t,and once you think you are ready to create just  grab a paper and a pen and start by following some stupid steps-

  • The words that you write should be practical,not like some nursery words
  • Once you start getting ideas just pen them down.


English: This is a game of Snatch in progress....

Porno Scrabble


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