Sacramento couple fights to get their baby boy back from authorities


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11:53 PM, Apr 25, 2013



Anna Nikolayev, 5-month-old Sammy and Alex Nikolayev



SACRAMENTO, CA – A Sacramento family was torn apart after a 5-month-old baby boy was taken from his parents following a visit to the doctor.


The young couple thought their problems were behind them after their son had a scare at the hospital, but once they got home their problems got even worse.


It all began nearly two weeks ago, when Anna Nikolayev and her husband Alex took their 5-month-old boy Sammy to Sutter Memorial Hospital to be treated for flu symptoms, but they didn’t like the care Sammy was getting.


UPDATE: Couple still unclear why CPS took their baby


For example, one day Anna asked why a nurse was giving her son antibiotics.


“I asked…

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When people follow(+) you……..

When people start following(+) you it feels like


and suddenly it’s like okay now  that means i’m an official blogger and the next moment your like………….. “let me call my friend and make my image a little more….ELITE”  and you start flaunting and you realize your friend has no idea what your talking ’bout  and u’r like  “duh” and make a fool outta u’rself . So you should either make sure that  NOBODY follows you   or else you don’t get to know that somebody’s followin’ you.


You’re gonna carry that weight; carry that weight a long time

Loved it!!!!

Lucy’s Football

I was a skinny kid. Photos of me from back then are all pigtails and smeary glasses and I’m usually covered in mud. And I’m sometimes brandishing things like frogs or buckets of mucky water, for whatever reason. I probably had a plan for those buckets. Maybe I was going to put the frog in them. I don’t know.

Then puberty hit. You can’t fight science, people. I come from hearty peasant stock on both sides of my family. Dad’s side are all, in his words, “built like tops – big on the top, skinny on the bottom.” (I attempted to explain to him that’s not exactly how tops work, and also we don’t spin very well, but he was all “WE ARE LIKE TOPS!” so who am I to argue with him?) and my mom’s side are all built like the Goddess of Willendorf. Curvy doesn’t even begin to…

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Lake County Captains

Lake County Captains (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Captain Jack, Comicon

Captain Jack, Comicon (Photo credit: cobalt123)

Captain Stephen Coad

Captain Stephen Coad (Photo credit: Helen Vercoe)

Fishing Boats after a Storm--detail 5

Fishing Boats after a Storm–detail 5 (Photo credit: Universal Pops)

Royal Navy Sea King Helicopter Comes to the Ai...

Royal Navy Sea King Helicopter Comes to the Aid of French Fishing Vessel ‘Alf’ in the Irish Sea (Photo credit: Defence Images)

French Fishing Vessel 'Alf' in the Irish Sea

French Fishing Vessel ‘Alf’ in the Irish Sea (Photo credit: Defence Images)

Boats in Chaweng

Boats in Chaweng (Photo credit: aldask)

Gaeta Sea Storm

Gaeta Sea Storm (Photo credit: Carlo Magnatti)



English: Knightstone Island in summer storm. A...

English: Knightstone Island in summer storm. A summer storm, high winds and even higher seas, batters Knightstone Island during construction work on the new apartments there. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Storm Clouds At Wamberal

Storm Clouds At Wamberal (Photo credit: baltoria)

‘calm seas never made great captains’